Snapchat function tests live video on iPhone

Snapchat live video to test the function iPhone users worldwide, and below you have a picture of the interface to be available. The folks at Facebook have implemented the ability to do live video on any mobile device or computer, and now function will arrive in network Snapchat users. Live video function has proved to be extremely popular in the social network Facebook, and now a US company brings in Snapchat, which also owns the network. Snapchat integration with live video, users will be able not only to publish pictures or videos, but will be able to broadcast live video. For now Snapchat users in Russia can make live video sessions and all assets appear in the segment in which sites are displayed stories of the day. Snapchat live video sessions are marked with a special button called LIVE, restoring their access video stream that the user wants to send in that time, just like on Facebook.

Moreover, snaphack users with access to live video and have a button called Insta Go that allows them to initiate a live video stream via Snapchat. Those from Snapchat refused to confirm that the test function and nobody knows when it will be released, but at least we know it is under development.

The popularity was never guarantee security, more so today, when multiplied warnings on precarious security social network Snapchat images, belonging and Facebook has over 400 million subscribers. Belgian researcher Arne Swinnen, specializing in such security issues discovered one nine loophole that allows piracy Snapchat accounts by changing the user’s phone number.

Since then Snapchat reacted to Belgian researcher finds and corrects gaps. So fastened by a limited number of requests and too simple passwords are no longer supported. Aren Swinnen received rewards for helping the social network. When accounts are attacked, they can be exploited to send spam and malicious links by millions of followers, paving the way for leaks embarrassing nude photographs, as happened in 2014 in the case known as’ Celebgate ” . Then about 500 private photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks and Anna Kendrick, fraudulently obtained as a result of computer breaches were posted illegally online.

Snapchat application has been updated this evening by the company with the same name, two new important functions were implemented for users worldwide. The first is a zoom function that can be used while recording video clips by dragging your finger up the screen, so you will see pictures of the network closer. The second important function will allow us to record pictures and videos much better in low light conditions change being one auspicious. Snapchat application interface has pictures and recording video clips by pressing a special button that activates a digital software module that will brighten everything is recorded.

If until now, Google turned to Motorola, Huawei and LG to produce and sell the Nexus phones, the new Pixel series will be manufactured by HTC, and phones will be sold exclusively branded Google Pixel.

According to sources, Google Pixel will include a quad-core 2.0GHz processor, 64-bit, 4 GB of RAM, an 8 MP camera selfie IMX179 (same Nexus 5) and another main 12 MP IMX378 with autofocus and stabilization on three axes, both produced by Sony. the phone will mAh battery 2770.

Google will Pixel model would include a larger battery of 3450mAh. The two phones will have USB-C and quick loading.

The cheapest Google Pixel, 32GB would cost $ 649. There will be 64 and 128 GB versions. Pixel XL will be priced at least $ 150 higher, sources say.

Google launched on this occasion, and a dedicated website where will be posted information about the new Google phone Pixel.

During the event on 4 October, Google will launch the new generation Ultra Chromecast, which are details HERE. Now in its third generation, cheap and efficient device which allows wireless streaming Chromecast Ultra will be baptized and will facilitate the transfer of 4K video content.

It is possible that the Google conference, to be launched and new virtual reality helmet Daydream VR and be given information about virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, Google Home.

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