Pokemon Blue 4

The first generation of Pokemon is back, not to play a bad turn, but to offer collectors and fans to discover and rediscover the 151 Pokémon (and yes, we count Mew) originals that delighted lovers of the time. This release seems all the more logical as this first generation was available in Pokemon X and Y. It’s gone for Pokemon Blue!

Welcome to Bourg Palette

From the beginning of the adventure, memories of recreation courses return: the joy of capturing a pokemon, the distress of a defeat of an arena fight … We begin the adventure in Bourg Palette, where , After having met Professor Chen, proposes to us to choose between 3 pokémons of departure: Salamèche, Carapuce or Bulbizarre. I chose the little Salamèche. After a few round trips, we are immersed in the world of Pokemon, where small monsters are to be captured and trainer fights are to win to ultimately win the Pokemon league, and become Master Pokemon.

The gameplay, 20 years later, has not moved from one iota: 6 pokemon in our bag, 4 skills per pokemon and a turn-based combat system, in order to capture more pokemon or beat More or less tough. It will be necessary to pay attention to the weaknesses and strengths of each pokemon depending on their element characterizing them most. It must be admitted that 20 years later, some originalities of gameplay introduced more recently miss and make the title more repetitive than one would think. For example, the non-presence of fights with several pokemon or more recently the clashes against the hordes and the usefulness of the objects held by the Pokemons is really felt.

But as rustic as it may seem, this first generation is still staying stable and addictive, our desire to capture and possess all the 151 creature is intact. The music is untouched, we find without much concern the side madeleine of proust with which Nintendo has been playing for some time with each release of a game on its Virtual Console, we find here the most outstanding themes still trotting us today In the lead to the simple evocation of Pokemon. Besides, it will take several dozen hours to capture all the creatures, but also to make them experience, to make them fight, to find all the objects of the game, but also to exchange them.

Pokemon Blue 4

Nintendo offers us with this version 3DS, an internet connectivity to small onions. It is possible for you to store your pokemon in the pokemon bank, and to recover these pokemon on your other 3ds pokemon games (X and Y, RO and SA, and the future Moon & Sun). Moreover, we are allowed, as at the time, to challenge and exchange pokemons, not thanks to the Cable Link, but thanks to a wireless connection between two 3DS. It will of course be necessary that each console has a Virtual Console version installed on its 3DS. The procedure will be the same as at the time and you will have to go to a pokemon center, and talk to the right hostess, who will give us access to the multi. Download pokemon sun rom: http://pksunrom.com/

It is this aspect that gives its main interest of this outlet of blue pokemon because apart from the possibility of having these 151 pokémon in our present games to fight the world in multi, this version has only attraction. First of all, we must already be careful in the 3DS shop to buy a version corresponding to the language we speak, otherwise we will have to go back to the cashier, it is expensive the language pack anyway. Moreover, the game is not even optimized graphically on the screen of the 3dDS, my original on cartridge is prettier on my Game Boy Color and my Game Boy Advance SP. It’s still crazy that Nintendo is not able to offer a better version than a simple rom of his game recovered from a database server. It would have been nice to also offer Game Boy Advance remakes, with a passage from one version to another, as do the remasters of Lucasart games, for example. Especially since Nintendo has communicated a lot on this subject, with as a bonus the release of special editions of their New 3DS and 2DS in the colors of the game and containing this one.

Pokemon Blue Version remains a cult and historical game, demonstrating the power of Nintendo in terms of creator of universe and gameplay. The youngest ones will be able to rediscover the world of small monsters with the first generation still today cult. It is however a pity that for the price practiced to the purchase, one finds only with a game without addition in comparison to its original Game Boy.

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