Locating phone: how can it be avoided?

Because the operative situation often requires locating a mobile phone fast and real-time intelligence not always resort to cooperation with network operator to locate the phone. They use special equipment location, and works only in conjunction with mobile devices to intercept phone. Localization process by this method is not simple. Interceptor is necessary to be placed in proximity mobile phone monitored remotely from 100-800 meters (in urban areas).

The phone will automatically connect to the network generated false interceptor, along with dozens or hundreds of phones. Interception equipment operator has the option of connecting mobile filtration and rejection operative who shows interest, but only in situations where identification of phone and SIM card are previously known (IMEI, IMSI). After attracting phone network, start the actual process of localization, which can be carried by several principles, depending on design and device location features.

Modern phones can be installed with or without the will of the owner, a range of software localization is intended solely phone or who and location functions. The range is extremely wide, from applications of socializing which leaves the user the option to disclose their location to friends, applications for locating your lost phone (Phone Numer Tracker is a good example) and applications such as spy that are invisible phone GSM and GPS position and transmit the monitored phone along with other confidential data.

Using the latter is generally illegal. Users of these applications generally remain unsatisfied with the results, a very simple reason: the phone’s location on a digital map is simple marker location. In urban areas it does not show the address, building, floor and apartment number as they would like most users. Even after an accurate GPS locations, a marker next to a block of flats can not reveal many details about the exact location of the phone when it is a cheating wife, for example. Shortcomings and leave the GPS data not available when the phone is monitored in a building, for example.


There are times when we wish that the phone can not be located by any of the methods described above. You should know that a classic phone user – whether smartphone or not – has no chance to avoid the location of your phone unless it closes. GPS spoofing various solutions are unsafe and applicable to a small number of mobile phones, being dependent on a software, phone model and operating system type. Receiving pings location is invisible on any ordinary phone and it can not be blocked than the handset. This function serves to alert the user when the phone receives an abnormally high number of queries or requests for authentication (registration) in the GSM network. Interceptors GSM or GSM (as a share of the GSM operator) may request these records in a very high rate, to locate the phone and / or extraction and calculation of the encryption key Kc that are stored on the SIM, the key will be used decryption and later in telephone tapping. The default setting is 2 successive pings in an interval of 60 seconds. If the phone receives more than two pings location in a minute, the alert will be triggered localization.
This function serves to lock your phone on a specific ARFCN (pair of radio channels through which the phone communicating with BTS, uplink and downlink called) GSM cell phone is stationary. A GSM interceptor will always have a stronger signal than the STD’s that are connected telephones to determine their automatic connection of the interceptor and execution interception and SMS. To connect mobile force, will have a wing GSM ARFCN (see glossary of terms at the bottom of the page) BTS different from the original. Activating the locks connecting the phone to GSM wing and in this way will eliminate the possibility of interception. This function can be used only when the phone is stationary, because thanks to the GSM network architecture, ARFCN the change from a GSM cell to another when the phone is in motion.

Described how simplistic, global monitoring system involves the installation of special equipment generically called “SS7 Box” (a hybrid hardware-software high tech “universal modular software platform signaling”) every national GSM operator. Acasta company that delivers monitoring solution has ongoing contracts with the majority of mobile operators in the world, installing almost each of them, an SS7 Box. Each SS7 Box is also connected to an external server GSM operator, usually belonging to the same company that delivers monitoring solution. SS7 Box’s installation is done with the consent and approval national GSM operator and at the request of that country intelligence services which are party and beneficiary of global service locator phones.

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